We “IMAGO” are a sole proprietor Company that was established in the year 2019. We are recognized among the notable producers and designers of the top quality wood inlay, metal inlay etc and we have been able to build a large client base.  As the meaning of Imago unfolds, it becomes obvious that we are the ones who can optimally replicate your portrait. With our professional global team, we are literally just a step away from you. Not only that, but we have clients from almost all parts of the world. The organization stands out in the field of marquetry because of its experience and the confidence it has earned from delighted customers. We offer a wide range of marquetry services with the highest level of accuracy in the shortest amount of time. IMAGO never fails to provide the most trustworthy and cost-effective acquaintance.


We create portrait sketch that reflect the client’s personal style and preferences, using our extensive collection of amazing designs and patterns or your references as a starting point. We will design these high-quality portraits in the most efficient manner possible to ensure that they are accessible to the broadest possible range of clients worldwide. The refinement of the Brass metal or Whitewood inlayed portrait is complemented by the high quality plaque made from Rosewood or Ebony and also the glossy and matte finish upgrade the appearance of the inlayed portrait.  We have a large group of highly skilled craftsmen, thus we are completely prepared to satisfy any urgent and immediate job demands, both in terms of quality and quantity. All artisans and the entire team are responsible for adhering to the quality requirements.


What we do

From Sketch to Frame

What are the marquetry tools?

Our company comprises of a full-fledged wood-working unit, CNC, laser cutting and engraving machines and also uses computer graphic applications to give customer's the finest, highest quality products.

What is brass poetry on wood?

Brass, the humble metal that equals gold in sheen and glitter is inlayed to the wooden frame. We blends unique technologies with best graphic and creative brains. With brass, we can bring Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Alexander the Great among others, who changed the course of history and created a new world order, to remind you that their great ideals will continue to inspire us and generations to come.

Can you personalize your own frame?

Yes, We can help you to personalize your own frame. It could be your picture, your name, a monogram it could be anything. Just tell us your need. We will make it for you and you alone, using brass or pile wood.